Looking Ahead

James Armstrong Image

'Looking Ahead' is a highly experimental form, to the extent that it exploits an unconventional long-take as a structural device. I wanted to see what effects would emerge from a relatively brief, composed theme, which was allowed to develop in open space.

To be sure, extended takes are not an entirely original device. The late film director Michelangelo Antonioni used them in such masterpieces as 'Blow Up' (1966) and 'The Passenger' (1975), to great expressive effect. The unexpected strategies brought audiences very close to Antonioni's characters, which had not been done in cinema before.

In my preparations for this recording, I realized that music scores in two dimensions were a just a starting point, and that literal readings of them had become irrelevant. I decided to focus on hues, and their implications.

James D. Armstrong, Jr.